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New Podcast Out Now

Thank you for visiting the Custom Vida website. Some of you may know originally we launched the idea of Custom Vida right before the pandemic and ultimately our plans were put on hold. Now we are off to a fresh start, with plans to reboot the podcast so that we may bring you more content from behind the scenes of the different car/truck, tattoo and artistic culture, outside the realm of what most people see as normal.


We look forward to this next year and to bringing you a different perspective on the lifestyles we and others enjoy living.    

May 2022

Youtube Channel

of the Month.


The month of May, brings us to the youtube channel of the month Kiloz Media owned by Keny Medina. I really enjoy his videos, the footage is edited in such a manner that it is eye catching with good music. This makes for an entertaining style of documenting whats happening in the Lowriding community.  Also check out his custom vida podcast interview. 

Photographer of the Month.


South Bay Vision

South Bay Vision, is Custom Vida's photographer of the month for May.  A San Jose, Ca. native, he has became one of  San Jose's most popular photographers in the Lowrider Community. His images capture lowriders, people and the action at the cruise nights  or car shows. Stay tuned for a future podcast episode with him. 


Model of the Month.


Saint-T, model of the month for May 2022. Saint-T aka Teresa in 2016 walked into a car show in Wilmington, Ca. to model a clothing line and from that point on became one of the most popular car show models currently in the scene today.  I recently did a photo shoot with her, so click on the photo to check out all the photos. Also if you you look at our about section you will see that Teresa is also Chief Operating Officer of Custom Vida and a partial owner. 



Business of the Month

Custom Vida prides it's self on recognizing vendors, small business and unique companies that target the custom lifestyles we want to feature. From custom cars to the tattoo industry and everything in-between.

 For the month of May 2022 we would like to introduce you to Speedy's Metal Finishing located in North Long Beach, Ca. Custom Vida had the privilege of doing a photo shoot with Model Saint-T at Speedy's shop, as well as interviewing him for our podcast. Check out the youtube version of our podcast to learn more about Speedy Rodriguez. To see his work or get a quotes, contact him by Instagram. 

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